Opening: 29th April, 18 – 20 h


In his first solo exhibition at Wentrup, Berlin-based artist Gerold Miller shows new works from various work series.

The enactment of art as place and reality plays a vital role in the artist’s oeuvre. It is about the viewer’s perspective on himself and how he locates himself in space in relation to it. The fusing of artwork and viewer becomes an ever-new process and makes simultaneity an essential factor. Gerold Miller succeeds in uniting space and time, standstill and movement, viewer and work in one work of art.

The wall works in the show, made of high-quality lacquer and metal, are limited to black and a few contrasting colors. They represent the consistency with which Gerold Miller formulates a radically reduced concept of pictoriality, approaching the image from the greatest possible distance so that new images emerge from the systematic reduction of creative means.

The new „Verstärker“ sculptures in Rosso Venezia marble are made in a traditional workshop in Carrara and describe a more classical understanding of sculpture. They visualize the basic conditions of sculpture: material, mass, and dimension. Their characteristic formal clarity opens them to the infinity of space. At the same time, their different material textures give the sculptures a strong physical and sensual presence.

The artist no longer offers ‚painting‘ or ’sculpture‘ in the traditional sense, but instead the premises of artistic work: sculptural space to be shaped and projection surfaces for images. Thus Gerold Miller’s works experience a conceptual-processual expansion, in which the viewer himself must do the actual image-finding.