“What is the word for a world opened by desire, or solidarity; a word for the world of an artist in the moment they perceive the material conditions of their making, in the moment the work of art emerges as a complex that contains and exceeds their imprint; a word for the world of friendship or insurrection?”
– Astrid L’Orange, ‘No World but the world!’, exhibition text, 2023

In Ümwelt, Jonny Niesche reflects on and acknowledges the overlapping worlds of practice that surround him. From reading about the evolutionary pressures that led to different forms of eyesight Jonny began to think about the various evolutionary influences on an artist’s studio practice. This show considers the intricacies of making and surviving, and the various friendships, material conditions, insurrections, solidarities and desires of artists’ worlds…



Blair Thurman (US)
Greg Bogin (US)
Rosie Rose (KR)
Daniel Boccato (BR)
Vincent Szarek (US)
Tariku Shiferaw (US)
Jim Roche (AUS)
Brendan Van Hek (AUS)
Gerold Miller (GER)
Robert Moreland (US)
Florian Maier-Achen (US)
Elizabeth Pulie (AUS)
Jessica Stockholder (US)
Anselm Reyle (GER)
Len Lye (NZ)