TEN / contemporary German art from the collection of the Adam Gallery

Opening: 22 January 2019 at 17.00

The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava is holding an exhibition of works by German artists taken from the collections of the Adam Gallery, which specializes in Central European art. This special selection, which is being exhibited together for the first time, reflects the Adam Gallery’s acquisitions from the period between 2006 and 2008. One of the defining characteristics of the Adam Gallery is its long-term focus on painting, encompassing all forms of the medium. The exhibition in Ostrava is built around paintings, drawings and objects bearing the distinctively expressive personal signatures of André Butzer, Hans-Peter Thomas AKA Bara, Marcel Hüppauff, Thomas Helbig and Andrew Gilbert, complemented by the prints of Markus Selg. As a balancing counterweight to these expressive works, the exhibition also displays rationally geometric and post-conceptual pieces by Gerold Miller and Thilo Heinzmann, as well as figurative compositions by Andrea Lehmann and Christian Macketanz. 

Exhibition Concept: Richard Adam, Yvona Ferencová
Text: Yvona Ferencová