Openness, Nam Project, 09/18

Wednesday, 19th September – Saturday, 20th October 2018

Curated by, Giorgio Verzotti

Nam Project

Via Giovanni Ventura 6

20134 Milan, Italy

Nam Project is pleased to present „Openness”, a group show by artists Simon Callery, Gerold Miller and Sean Shanahan

According to the modernist tradition, the artwork is what it is, it says what it says. However it is not exhausted by this definition. The artwork just represents itself, but at the same time it states, and always points toward an elsewhere. The artwork can be dismantled, its integrity disrupted, and opened up to the phenomenal space that welcomes it. In other words, the artwork englobes the space, turning from bidimensional to a three-dimensional articulation if necessary. The space included in the artwork is the real space that the observer perceives as phenomenal data, but it is also the indication of another space, which in turn becomes the object of thought, of a mental projection.

From the text Openness by Giorgio Verzotti.