Compressed Time

Group show at FS.ART, Berlin


Compressed Time is a group exhibition that has been conceived especially for FS.ART at Potsdamer Straße in Berlin. The show presents a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture and photography.

The Potsdamer Straße exemplifes the „city myth“ as a place of change, renewal, and collapse as no other street in West Berlin does. To this day, traces of diferent periods and socio-political transformations that left their mark and shaped the street can be found there, as if on a journey through time.

Considering this background, Compressed Time deals with themes such as time and the memory linked to it, socio-political events and spatial redefnitions that – as in a palimpsest – have been deposited and inscribed layer by layer in Potsdamer Straße’s arterial road. In this context, it represents all the great streets and boulevards of the world, but it also builds a case for Berlin as an art metropolis. The artistic contributions of the exhibiton all share their reference to this theme; the approaches are multifaceted and complex while also being analytic, descriptive and fctive. The artists show works in which these topics are examined directly and indirectly through metaphorical-poetic means or through subtle contextual shifts.